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Welcome to Maluti FET College

Welcome to Maluti FET College. This institution or “factory” recognizes that each and every one of us (in particular students), has a brain, we have to use our brains to conquer the world in every facet of life. Through our brain power, we have to control how the world thinks. Our brain power has got to make us financial barons of the world. In a sense, we (MFC) want our students to become economic warriors, not with conventional weapons like guns, a knife, or even hatred in your hearts, but with a brain and desire to learn.

In order to succeed in life (that is real life outside college), you need the below mentioned strategies:

  • You need a killer instinct in your pursuance of success and in dealing with the corporate world.
  • You need “a what it takes attitude”, to deal with realities of the outside world.
  • You need a spider web mentality or doctrine to become a major economic force worldwide.
  • We must move away from the comfort of guaranteed jobs to the adventures of deciding our own future.

We encourage our students to employ their brains and stop to be only consumers of the world and begin to produce  products with worldwide acceptance.

In 2003 the principal of Maluti FET College was appointed, and the below mentioned challenges were identified:

  • There was no Central Office, and out of eight campuses, Harrismith Campus is still renting a private building for their educational activities.
  • Bonamelo Campus, Sefikeng Campus and Lere la Tshepe Campus struggled to attract students.
  • Students at Sefikeng Campus were unable to take their practicals for their primary agriculture programmes.
  • The hostel in Bethlehem Campus was underutilised.
  • Campus management/s for campuses was not in place. 
  • Programmes offered in different campuses were not relevant to the industry we serve.



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